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Digital makers, not observers
Organisations need digital talent to get its hands dirty – learning and keeping up with digital trends. From the most obvious areas such as IT professionals to social media executives or even recruitment professionals working with advanced algorithms, what is the extent of digital skills in today’s workplace, and do we need to reassess core skills, so that basic literacy and numeracy is matched by basic computing literacy?
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Ageing populations
With many workers retiring later, what are the implications for young people trying to enter the workforce, particularly in rare, highly skilled roles? If talent pipelines are disrupted, what does that mean for skills in the future and the industries that rely on them?
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Leadership Profile – Maxine Williams, Global Head of Diversity at Facebook.
For all its famous people policies and quirky workplaces, Facebook rarely comments on its approach to HR or recruitment. In our leadership interview this issue, we speak to the social media giant’s global head of diversity, to discuss the enormous challenge of finding a workforce that can reflect Facebook’s truly global user base.
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Returning to China
The Chinese government is encouraging firms to hire locally, but not every local candidate has the skills required to operate in a global business. Returning Chinese from overseas offer the chance to recruit local talent with international experience, but they come with a price tag. We look at the talent available to businesses in China and how to get the best value.
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Does HR understand risk?
Risk hangs over every business. This piece looks at the extent HR departments need to protect businesses from poor decision-making, damaging incentives and dangerous practices. View the full article. Antarctic HR lessons Explorer Felicity Aston has led teams across Antarctica in horrendous conditions. She explains how to bring a team through any situation and the lessons she has learnt in culture, motivation and leadership.
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The art of persuasion
George Kohlrieser is a former police hostage negotiator and has used his experiences to help teach others in his current role as a professor of leadership.
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Regional Snapshot – Singapore
Singapore enjoys a great location among many growing economies, along with a strong education system and growing industries such as banking and life sciences, but it needs to recruit from overseas to find the talent it needs to keep growing.
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