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Value of valuesHays Journal Issue 6
Lots of companies have a list of 'values'. But what is their purpose? This piece explores whether values make a significant difference to performance. In a common theme from HR, we’re looking at the numbers: how can we demonstrate the financial worth of values? Is it all about the numbers, or is there something more?
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Employee surveys used strategically
If people are your greatest asset, this is about knowing your assets. Businesses would report effectively on finances, on supplies, stocks, structures and other resources, but while companies often ask their staff questions about the business, the feedback isn't always used effectively. This piece looks at the best practice and the sticking points that come with employee surveys.
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Leadership Profile – Doug Baillie, Chief HR Officer, Unilever
A sustainable world is Unilever’s great dream. Doug Baillie is the former business leader tasked with bringing it into reality for the global giant’s huge workforce.
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Latin America Focus
Skills shortages across Latin America are putting the brakes on the region’s growing economies and driving up the price of hard-to-find talent. This piece includes comments from Hays MDs and leading companies in the region.
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Recruiting for skills vs aptitude
If we are indeed moving towards a knowledge economy, it could be argued that aptitude – the ability to learn – is of more value to businesses than hiring for skills. Aptitude itself may be the next battleground in the relentless war for talent. What do you look for? What does aptitude look like? And how do you find it?
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How languages give you the edge
While the ability to speak English has been the deciding factor in the success of numerous businesses around the world, it is increasingly true that its role as the language of international business is under threat. We’ve interviewed a range of businesspeople who’ve taken on new skills in other languages and discuss the value that they have brought to their careers and their business when operating around the world.

Employer vs customer brand
The core question this article asks is whether businesses with strong customer brands should use them during talent attraction and retention, even when they know that the employee may never be a customer. Is it the case that staff can be engaged through a customer brand alone, or does the pride in working for a 'big name' quickly fade for most employees? Is there even a risk that an employer brand cannot meet the high expectations an employee might have?
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Germany Focus
The German economy faces very different challenges compared to its European neighbours, and that means a particular set of challenges when it comes to its job market. Includes comment from Dirk Hahn, Hays Germany’s Chief Operating Officer.
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