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Rising in the East
In scale, innovation and clout, global businesses that have emerged from Asia rival any that were born in the West. But an expansion from Eastern cultures requires a markedly different approach than that used by US and European corporations. This piece is a focus on the HR challenges regarding managing rapid globalisation from a base in Asia.
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Hays_Journal_7_226x192 All lines are open
As changes in culture, media and technology make corporate secrets harder and harder to keep, shareholder and customer relations will go far beyond just the point of sale or the AGM. HR must prepare the business for that change, and help develop an open culture that listens, both to those within the organisation and to the outside world. View the full article.

Leadership Profile - David Bearfield, European Personnel Selection Office 
The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) is responsible for recruiting the civil servants of the European Union. With 28 member states representing over 500 million citizens, the challenge is enormous. David Bearfield explains how EPSO serves its many masters.
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Premier League talent
Few organisations take talent as seriously as those involved with elite sport. So what can businesses learn from a football club operating at the highest level?
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Investing in people - literally People are a company’s greatest asset. So when it comes to putting a price on talent, what is a private equity investor’s perspective on human capital?
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Globe trotting talent
Certain skills/competencies will open doors for you almost anywhere in the world. But being mobile and valuable also makes you a retention risk. How do businesses identify these skills, and use global mobility to keep them within the organisation?
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The recruitment implications of rapid growth drives
This article explores how rapid growth should be planned and conducted in SMEs. Taking examples from a range of small and medium-sized businesses, it considers how different organisations approach recruitment drives depending on their specific requirements.
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Regional snapshot – Taming Mexico
Mexico’s economy is poised for growth, but while investments in infrastructure will provide a range of new opportunities for work, a strong and stable future for the employment market will only result from coordinated investment in education and skills.
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