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DNA of a VP of Construction
Paving your path to success

US DNA VP Construction Report

Hays DNA of a VP of Construction provides insights and advice from those who have already been successful in forging a leading career in construction.

Discover secrets to success and lessons learned from directors and the VPs of leading construction firms and contractors across multiple sectors including commercial, infrastructure and residential just to name a few, to help you plan your career path and build successful teams.

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Webinar for professionals


✔    What is the most important aspect of a VP's role?
✔    What are the key technical skills needed?
✔    What are the most important soft skills required to lead? 

Featured Speaker: Hear from Bernard M. Markstein, Chief Economist, Markstein Advisors, on the health of the economy, with attention to the state of the labor market and skills shortages, and the impact on the future of the industry.

Webinar for industry leaders


✔    What traits do you need to look for when hiring?
✔    How do you retain valuable team members?
✔    How do you develop your team for future success?

Featured Speaker: Hear from Ken Simonson, Chief Economist of the AGC of America about the current condition of the market, how employers are tackling worker availability, and his predictions for 2016/17.