Offers & resignations
4. Your first day at a new job

Offers and resignationsAlthough you got the job, consider the first day an extension of your interview. Use the same tips from the Succeed in Interviews section to present yourself as professional, personable and knowledgeable. Continue to make good first impressions count with your boss and team; further establishing your fit for the job.

Be early and well presented.
Treat your first day almost like the interview; prove to your new boss they made right decision.

Bring a note pad and write down everything.

It demonstrates a eagerness to learn and will help you feel more confident later if you forget the door access code or people’s names.

Ask your boss insightful not trivial questions.
This is an extension of a first impression so stick to business subjects. Your peers, teams or support staff will be able to point out the coffee machine.

Call your recruiter to let them know how it went.
Talk through the people you met, the project and how you found your first day. It’s important to share any questions you may have at this early stage and your consultant is best placed to find out information on your behalf.