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Offer clear career progression to attract and retain women

Posted on Friday, May 5, 2017

Hays USA Gender diversityAccording to the recent Hays Gender Diversity survey, American women are equally ambitious to men, but are twice as likely as men to be dissatisfied with their current seniority, and 20 percent less likely to say they are able to promote themselves at work.

Respondents reported that 79 percent of organization heads are men, as are 68 percent of line managers. So how can organizations improve gender balance in leadership, and find policies to help retain all top talent?


How to network at events like an expert

Posted by Dan Rodriguez, CEO, Veredus, a Hays company, on Thursday, Apr 27, 2017

Hays Blog: Networking tips to help you get aheadNetworking is often named as one of the critical ingredients for driving your career. The saying goes that who you know matters more than what you know. I don’t think that’s true – what you know and what you can do will drive your career – but if no one knows what you’re capable of then it will be hard to get ahead. As important as networking is, a lot of people struggle to do it effectively. In-person networking at events is a great way to generate trust, build your reputation, open doors and generally increase your chances of securing a new role.

There is a real skill to face-to-face networking, especially while looking for a job and it’s all too easy to overlook important factors. So, here are a few networking tricks you can try if you are looking for a new opportunity.


Administrative Professionals Day: How are you saying thanks?

Posted Dan Rodriguez, CEO, Veredus, a Hays company on Tuesday, Apr 25, 2017

Specialism-PA-Secretarial-160px-x-160px_8.jpgThey’re the often overlooked force behind your company’s success. Over the last 10 years, the role of office administrators has evolved from the task-based job – filing, typing, ordering stationery – to a complex strategic role.

Have you acknowledged their hard work recently? 


6 risks it’s worth taking when hiring

Posted by Dan Rodriguez, Hays USA President and CEO, on Thursday, Apr 6, 2017

Hays blog: 6 hiring risks worth takingSo you have a vacancy to fill, a shortlist of applicants who are mid-way through the interview process, and you want to get this right. There is one candidate in particular who stands out and you have a gut feel swaying you towards them, but a resume gap or apparent mismatch has you hesitating.

When is it worth taking that risk?


“Don’t be afraid to fail” and other advice for your IT career

Posted by David Brown, EVP, Veredus, a Hays company, on Thursday, Apr 6, 2017

Hays Blog: “Don’t be afraid to fail” and other advice for your IT careerDo you have a job, or a career? What does it take to become an IT business leader?

Develop your career with these insights from ASI Government CIO Balaji Ramanujam on his career path to the top and advice for ambitious IT and technology professionals.


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