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To promote internally or hire externally – Part 2

Posted by James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Wednesday, Dec 9, 2015

Promote Internally Hire Externally 281% of construction employers predict their business activity will increase in the next year across the US. As the pipeline of projects grows, so does the demand for skilled workers; contractors and construction management firms will begin the process of staffing their projects, either short term or long term. In last week’s blog, the advantages of hiring internally we’re discussed.

This week – the advantages of hiring externally in part 2 of the interview with our new Global Managing Director of Hays Talent Solutions, Matthew Dickason.


Don’t accept a job unless it scares you

Posted David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Monday, Nov 23, 2015

Scared JobJenna Alexander, the National Head of Internal Recruitment at Hays shared with me a point of view that can help you overcome the nervousness of starting a new position. A favorite saying of hers is, ‘try one thing every day that scares you’. To succeed in life and at work you need be constantly challenging yourself. Feeling challenged, and being forced outside of your comfort zone, is the surest way to grow.

Have a think about applying this logic to your job search process. Reading a job specification and being slightly nervous about the requirements is completely healthy.


Navigating your career: Using a recruiter to help beat the competition.

Posted James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Thursday, Nov 19, 2015

Recruiter to beat the competitionGetting your dream job rarely happens by chance. It takes research, effort, and in essence, making sure the right person has a chance to meet you. Working with a recruiter means you have someone on your side whose job it is to do just that. Make sure you’re getting the best out of your recruiter, take a look at the following factors: are all of these part of your job search


To promote internally or to hire externally – Part 1

Posted by James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Thursday, Nov 12, 2015

Promote Internally Hire ExternallyAs the construction boom continues across the US and employers build a pipeline of new projects moving into 2016, hiring managers are sure to be busy implementing strategic hiring plans to get the best team onboard. Dodge Data & Analytics recently released their construction outlook for 2016 with ABC Chief Economist Anirban Basu predicting a 7.4% growth in nonresidential construction spending next year, causing significant demand for qualified workers. The pressure will be particularly felt in in-demand areas; 80% of employers plan to hire Superintendents next year followed closely by 78% of employers planning to hire Project Managers.

One of the the big questions hiring managers will be faced with is whether to hire from within the business or to hire externally, as both have their benefits.


Navigating through coding languages: helping jobseekers find the right program to pursue

Posted David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Friday, Nov 6, 2015

Coder PoetBill Liao is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. In 2011, together with James Whelton, he founded CoderDojo. Today, it has grown into a global network of free, volunteer-led, independent coding clubs for young people aged 7 to 17.


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