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“The key to my success was…” Get the inside scoop on how construction leaders overcame obstacles

Posted by James Hawley, Hays USA EVP, on Monday, Mar 6, 2017

Hays Blog: The one thing you need to overcome an obstacleEveryone comes across obstacles when progressing through their career and construction has just as many as any other. We asked several leaders in construction what road bumps they experienced in their career paths and how they overcame them.

Everyone had different specific problems, but their solutions had a common theme.

Don’t approach it alone.
For the Hays DNA of a VP of Construction report, every leader we spoke with said that in order to overcome any obstacle they came across they would seek out the expertise and advice of others in the field.

“The key to my success was finding mentors who could help me define our business principles, while developing my own core values and leadership skills,” says Stephanie Cesario, Managing Director, Hillmann Consulting. “Throughout this professional journey, I had mentors from different backgrounds.”

Even for those who have transitioned into the construction industry the best way to get through challenges was to meet others and learn from them.

“Experience matters in [the construction] industry, so early on when I transitioned to this career there were definite challenges around managing and mitigating issues,” ContraVest President Steve Ogier told Hays. “I wasn’t familiar enough with the details, the common problems and solutions to be able to find quick answers. Overcoming it was partly about immersion in the industry…I asked questions, observed others in the industry, and did research.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There are experts in your industry who have been where you are and remember how they progressed to their current position.

“The ability to pick up the phone and ask someone for input or for a different point of view is invaluable,” says Matthew Schimenti of Schimenti Construction.

Leaders are willing to mentor but you have to give them the chance. I recommend reaching out to someone who is in a position you aspire to achieve and ask them for a coffee to discuss what they have experienced through their career path.

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