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Are your project management skills holding back your construction career?

Posted by James Hawley, Hays EVP, on Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016

Hays US Blog: Do you have the project management skills needed for success?You’re in the middle of your construction career – experienced but not yet an expert. As you navigate your way through mid-level management, what single area of focus will get you to senior leadership?

Find out the three key ingredients for project management success.

In the Hays DNA of a VP of Construction report, project management was shown to be the crucial middle career step - after you've got the core experience needed and before moving into a business leadership role. Not every construction leader will be a project manager, but everyone needs to be able to manage projects and teams.

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“You need different skills at each level, but I would sum it up as overseeing your domain. Take responsibility for what you oversee, no matter your level. At the mid-level you should know all the major components of the project, all the moving pieces," says Paul Gingold, Vice President, CM & Associates.

You need to be able to oversee the people and moving pieces that interact to achieve the best outcome.

We asked construction leaders what it took to be a successful project manager and they identified three key ingredients:

Develop crucial soft skills
Do you have the communication and other soft skills required to lead teams and collaborate across functions?

Excel at problem solving
From lateral thinking and creative solutions, to knowing how to prioritize tasks and analyze the available information, a VP of Construction is a master problem solver.

Build efficient teams
It takes a team to truly succeed and construction leaders can manage and motivate a team of construction to drive results.

How can you develop these skills? Look for stretch assignments that let you try new skills, and ask for feedback not just from those above you, but from those you manage. Be open to constructive criticism and practice changing your behavior based on feedback.

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