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Skills vs personality: Are you hiring the right person?

Posted by Dan Rodriguez, CEO and Managing Director, USA on Monday, Aug 22, 2016

Hays US Blog: Skills vs FitAre you focused on finding the candidate with the longest list of accolades and widest array of qualifications?

It’s not just the resume content that determines success in a job. What else should you be considering?

In a recent blog post, my colleague Matthew Dickason from Hays Talent Solutions said not enough employers were considering team fit. “I believe that skills can be taught and mastered, whilst personality and character often cannot,” he specified.

I’ve put together four questions to ask yourself before you hire, to make sure you’re not just looking for the right skills, but also the right person.

What makes a good team?
People can all get along but still no be a good team. Look at the most effective teams in your organization and think about what contributes to their success. Then consider what would make your team successful. If your team is going to be operating in a highly pressured environment in a global marketplace then patience and good communication skills would be top of the priority list, for example.

What is your team missing?
You want to find someone who is complementary to your team. To understand what your team requires you first need to conduct a self and team assessment. Be honest about your own strengths and weaknesses, and those of your team.

What holds your team together?
In his post, Matthew says “social connectedness is key to your team’s success” and talks about building a team with a “we” attitude, instead of a “me” attitude. In interviews, try to build rapport with candidates, and if possible have a final candidate meet the team before making an offer to ensure they will be a good fit.

What does every successful person on your team have in common?
When I’m hiring I always assess how well a particular personality will fit on my team. We don’t want everyone to have the same personality, but we do want some consistent traits such as communication skills, passion, work ethic and ambition. These traits are what will set them up for success individually, as a team, and as part of our business.

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