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Who do construction VPs want to add to their team?

Posted by James Hawley, EVP, Hays USA on Monday, Aug 15, 2016

DNA Blog - VPs hiringWe asked 150 construction VPs what the most important traits were for new hires. As an industry that is built on relationships it is no surprise that communication skills and personality fit top the list of what hiring managers are looking for when looking for their next recruit.

This also aligns with the key career path steps as progressing beyond any junior position requires the soft skills that make a good employee a great team member. Achieving individual success, as well as that of a business or team, requires the right fit among team members and the organization.

“Do more than just what you are told; be curious and be passionate about construction," says Chris Desko, Project Executive for the Texas Division, Clark Construction. "It’s a great career if you put yourself in a position where you demonstrate that you have the drive and ability, the know-how and you have learned everything you can. Your career will grow organically if you invest in your own learning and education and embrace those opportunities.”

Following closely are technical skills and training – the basis of the construction career. It is also indicative of the importance of continual learning. Keep up with technology and seek training that will develop your technical, interpersonal, and business skills to become a sought-after candidate. These technical skills should be complemented with a passion and interest in the industry, which is key for maintaining engagement and motivation, and the end-to- end project experience that contributes to a candidate’s well- rounded knowledge.

Finally, illustrate your commitment to construction by emphasizing your experience with top firms, your tenure, and your industry network. Review your resume to ensure that the right elements are emphasized in the order that will matter most to an employer. Give insights into your character, experience, and skills to show why you’re the right person for the role and the company.

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