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No network, no career? Relationships key to construction success

Posted by James Hawley, Hays Executive Vice President, on Wednesday, Jun 29, 2016

Hays Blog: Networking is key for construction career success“These connections will get you future jobs, help you solve problems, and keep you informed about changes in the industry or in your city." - Ridgemont Commercial Construction VP Paul Camp.

Construction is a relationship-driven industry. Do you have the network you need?

Business is often developed based on existing relationships, and the project outcome will directly influence individual and company reputation, which in turn impacts future business prospects. Building strong relationships is crucial, and there are a number of ways to achieve this.

According to the DNA of a VP of Construction report, 80% of construction leaders tell us they attend networking at least once a year, and 41 percent say they use social media to network as well. Networking is more than simply socializing with your peers. It is building an industry profile, strengthening existing relationships, and getting to know key stakeholders in your region. Joining an association is one way to make these connections. Almost three-quarters of construction professionals belong to an association, and 40 percent say they regularly network through associations.

“Networking is very important. Building relationships with your employees, design consultants, sub-contractors and clients will all be key to your success," Steve Giordano, Vice President NYC Office, LPCiminelli. "Social media is becoming more important as the culture shifts, but nothing can replace face-to-face interaction with people."

Five ways to grow your network:

1. Connect online
Social media is often a first stop for networking and can be a great way to connect with people in a similar field, function, or specialty area.

2. Join an association
The Hays DNA report finds 40% of VPs regularly network through associations, connecting with professionals and peers in their region.

3. Get to know your colleagues
Networking is not just external. Network within your company to get to know those above and below your level. This will not only further your career, but will develop your understanding of the company overall.

4. Take a course
Invest in getting a qualification, updating your skills, or learning something new to boost your resume and meet other highly engaged construction professionals.

5. Volunteer
How does your company or industry support local groups? Maybe you donate time or supplies, or fundraise annually. Get involved to give back, and meet others who are committed to their community and careers.

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