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DNA of a VP of Construction: Career and hiring advice from 150 industry leaders

Posted by James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Hays, on Wednesday, Apr 20, 2016

Hays Blog: DNA of Construction introWhat skills, traits, and experience do construction professionals need to be successful in their careers, and drive results for their company? The Hays DNA of a VP of Construction report surveyed and interviewed more than 150 construction VPs to find the shared experiences, common traits, and market insights that helped them reach the top. 

The first report of its kind in the US, this guide is a crucial tool for career and workforce planning. Hear from top construction executives about how they reached their role, and what they look for in hiring, to inform your career and HR decisions.

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The words that come up repeatedly when we talk to industry leaders are relationships, integrity, and hard work. For all the new technology and changing markets, construction is still an industry built on the values of community and connections. As Peter Morandi from Eastman Cook says, “The way I run my business is still on a handshake and you only pull out the contract on the rare occations when there is a difference of opinion. Our industry is all about the relationships.”

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Invest in your network, build that reputation for work ethic, integrity, and results, and you’ll find it easy and lucrative to progress in construction. It’s that simple, which of course means it takes a lot of work and preparation to achieve.

I would like to personally thank all the construction leaders who contributed to this report. I think those in the industry will find it a valuable tool for personal career planning, professional development and organizational team building.

Learn more about the report, or register for one of our two webinars, one for professionals on May 4, and one for hiring managers on May 5.

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