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Watch for daylight savings safety concerns

Posted on Monday, Mar 14, 2016

IT Calgary jobs blog imageWorkplace safety, accuracy and efficiency is always top of mind, especially for those in construction, or manufacturing and logistics. Those in less safety sensitive positions such as accounting and finance or IT should also be vigil for mistakes.

Take extra care to keep you and your team safe on Monday – a University of Michigan study showed traffic accidents increase by 5.7 per cent after daylight savings time and workplace injuries and accidents also become more common.Whether you’re the health and safety officer, line manager, or front-line worker, safety should be top of mind next week. Many Canadians got an hour less sleep last night, and that fatigue could effect safety and productivity.

Research from around the world has found that workplace accidents, injuries and errors all increase this Monday – so those in less safety sensitive positions accounting and finance or IT should also be vigil for mistakes.

What can you do?

Some employers in the US have chosen to have workers start later in the day, but that's not an option for most workplaces.

Encourage workers to take regular breaks today and to communicate how they're feeling. Remind everyone to be careful - just by reiterating safety concerns you can ensure better compliance and vigilance.

In situations where accuracy is vital, have coworkers double check final results to ensure small errors are caught before they cause problems.

And if you’re managing a team it might be worth checking in with them more often throughout the day. One study from Singapore found “cyberloafing” – surfing the web instead of working – increased after this weekend as well.

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