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"Success can be defined in many different ways" - Ashleigh Mitchell, Veredus, a Hays company

Posted by Jackie Burns, Director of People and Culture for the Americas, on Tuesday, Mar 8, 2016

Hays Gender diversity report 2016 AMDirector of Strategic Accounts Ashleigh Mitchell at Veredus, a Hays company, has more than 10 years of experience in strategic recruitment, working her way up from a compensation analyst to director over the course of her recruiting career. She now oversees the nationwide strategic accounts team, driving new business with key employers.

Tell us about your progression into your leadership role?

My career progression is a result of the constant need to learn and grow as an individual. My goal has always been professional success and to help others as much as I can. I am also very fortunate to have very talented mentors and bosses throughout my career to train and teach me. I truly embrace the knowledge other people share with me.

I have always had the ambition to grow my career path as much as I possibly can, and the willingness to learn what is necessary to take the next step.

Our survey revealed that globally 12% of women feel that to be successful they would need to reach an MD/CEO position. Compared to 18% of men. Does this surprise you?

I believe that success can be defined in many different ways and ultimately the meaning is different for each one of us. One person’s success is different than the next person.

In your opinion is there a difference between how men and women plan to progress in their careers?

I wouldn’t say there is a male/female difference but more of a person to person difference. Some folks are completely satisfied with where they are at in their career and some have the need to constantly progress.

Progression is based on individual goals and some people have life goals that are independent from their career goals.

Globally respondents (both male and female) believe that flexible work practices, education, and highlighting female role models will have the biggest impact on gender diversity in the workplace. Do you agree?

I believe those initiatives are a sign of the time and partially made available due to the advancement in technology. Regardless of gender this will help encourage all employees to grow and advance within their career while balancing life.

Do you have any advice for female professionals who are in, or are looking to work in, a management or leadership role?

My advice to anyone would be to stay honest and true to yourself you then can achieve any goal you have set for yourself. Also understand that business constantly changes so be sure to keep an open mind so you don’t set yourself up for disappoint.

Learn from your mistakes along the way and follow your passion. The most important thing is knowing that you can learn something from everyone in life regardless of their title so treat everyone with respect. I seriously learn something new every day and I love it! 


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