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What does the growing US construction spend mean for in-demand workers?

Posted by James Hawley, Hays | Veredus EVP, on Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016

CAEST SquareConstruction spending increased by 10 per cent in 2015, according to a Reuters economic report, and this year looks likely to be just as busy. This is driving demand for a range of skilled construction professionals, including estimators, superintendents and project managers.

How can you make the most of new opportunities?

1. Keep up with changing technology
Technological innovation is changing the face of construction every year and knowing how those changes impact building costs is crucial in keeping up, and getting ahead, in a competitive market.

2. Focus on gaining broad project experience
Many construction companies specialize in a specific type of project. Working for a company with a very narrow focus can lead to your experience becoming one dimensional. Try to identify opportunities to broaden the type of projects you have been exposed to. Ideally you would have worked on new build and renovation, as well as commercial, residential and institutional projects. The benefit of this broad exposure is that if one sector becomes slow you have transferable skills should you need to find a new position.

3. Expand your network
Despite its size, the construction industry is still all about relationships. Look at online networking opportunities, such as LinkedIn groups, and find ways to meet your peers at social and professional events. Having a good reputation can be as important as ticking the right boxes on your resume.

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