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Tech salaries up 8% - which cities and skills are worth the most?

Posted by Dave Brown, Hays | Veredus EVP, on Wednesday, Feb 17, 2016

IT contractor testing at workAccording to job board operator Dice Holdings, technology salaries rose 7.7% in 2015, and contract workers saw a compensation increase of 5% in the same time.

IT and technology remains one of the strongest functions and sectors, with almost two-thirds of technology professionals reporting they received a raise in 2015

What regions and skill sets are in highest demand?

According to the annual report, 62% of technology professionals received a salary increase in 2015, 37% received a bonus, and 10% received an internal promotion.

The highest paying regions were Silicon Valley, New York City, and Los Angeles, with pay rates about 10% higher than national averages.

The skills that earned the most are those related to data processing such as HANA and Cassandra and  and to cloud including PAAS and Openstack.

According to the findings of the Hays What Employers Want guide, employers are keen to build their full time teams and are willing to offer strong compensation and benefit packages to lure top talent to take a full time opportunity.

Candidates should look at their long-term plans and take advantage of the strong job market now to determine what their career objectives are. This will help ensure that you don’t pass up an opportunity that might have been a great career choice for you, while being distracted with multiple offers.

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