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Posted by David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Thursday, Dec 17, 2015

Digital DivinersJacky Carter, Group Digital Engagement Director, shared her opinion on the digital state in the new year. She believes that 2016 will the year of “The Digital Diviners”. Why Diviners?  Because they need to be visionary, to see the future and anticipate change.


1. Influencers: Influencing is a crucial skill for anyone with aspirations to lead an organization or to be part of it through a digital transformation. Being able to understand and relate to a business and what the opportunities are, seek out the problems that need to be solved, build an effective relationship with the tech (DevOps) delivery team and having broad enough shoulders to withstand failure – all the while taking the senior management with you on the journey.

2. Customer experience: A CX guru has the capability to transform an organization’s relationship with its customers. Understanding what they want, how they would best like to interact, what their optimum journey would be and putting it into practice are the “must have” talents for 2016. Organizations that are lucky enough to have this talent in-house are at an advantage – as long as the right influencers are listening to them.

3. Data translators: People with the skill to find you the right data and make it meaningful. What she refers to is beyond analysis and even insights, the skills that enable businesses to understand and practically use the output from the story that their data reveals to produce measurable results that improve profitability.

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Are you a ‘digital diviner’? Contact your expert IT recruiter to find your next role in the digital landscape.

Find out more about David Brown, Executive Vice President, an expert in staffing in Information Technology.

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