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What do IT professionals want?

Posted by David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Friday, Dec 11, 2015

IT guyThe IT function and sector remains one of the most talent-short areas in the US, with high demand for developers, security experts and Business Intelligence specialists.

How can you attract and retain the best IT experts? And what should employers be doing now to reduce the skills shortage in years to come?

Demand for experienced IT professionals continues to grow all over the United States. About 56% of employers say that business activity will increase next year and over 80% expect increase headcount in 2016.

How can you attract these coveted workers?

On-the-job training
If you’re looking for very specific skills and abilities, consider hiring a junior worker and offering training to upskill them to fill the gap in your organization. This way you can not only get the skills you need, but you actively contribute to reducing the US’s future IT skills shortage.

Career plans
To attract mid-level IT professionals away from the higher paying contract roles, offer career progression and professional development they crave. Map out their potential career path with your company, including the skills they can further develop and the future leadership opportunities.

Don’t forget the fun stuff
IT candidates want to be using the latest technology and be part of a cool work environment. You will see retention improve with perks such as the opportunity to choose their own equipment, and create their ideal workspace.

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