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Don’t accept a job unless it scares you

Posted David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Monday, Nov 23, 2015

Scared JobJenna Alexander, the National Head of Internal Recruitment at Hays shared with me a point of view that can help you overcome the nervousness of starting a new position. A favorite saying of hers is, ‘try one thing every day that scares you’. To succeed in life and at work you need be constantly challenging yourself. Feeling challenged, and being forced outside of your comfort zone, is the surest way to grow.

Have a think about applying this logic to your job search process. Reading a job specification and being slightly nervous about the requirements is completely healthy.

You will never be expected to walk into a job and be an expert on everything immediately. Whenever you make a career move it should always be to expand your skillset and build on your abilities. If you never take a job that makes you slightly fearful, then how do you expect to grow?

There are two main questions to ask yourself when in fear of taking on a new position.

Are you fulfilling your full potential?

In my opinion you should always aim just above your current level. Be careful here however, because applying for roles that you don’t qualify at all for will just be a waste of everyone’s time and harmful to your morale.

Seek out jobs which you feel competent and confident about in the majority of areas, but also which offer up new avenues for growth in areas that you haven’t yet mastered.

Are you expanding your comfort zone?

Consider pursuing jobs that provoke you to become a more competent and successful professional.

Embrace the apprehensiveness you may be feeling. In doing so you’re opening yourself up to new challenges, and expanding your comfort zone.

Pressure, anxiety, fear and so on are all opportunities for personal transformation. Those who go the furthest in their careers are those who identify these opportunities as such. So take a risk, conquer a fear and watch yourself flourish.

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