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Attracting Millennials: are you doing your part to raise your employer brand?

Posted James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays,
on Thursday, Sep 24, 2015

Work life balanceIn a survey by Accenture, over half of professionals have turned down jobs due to the company’s perceived poor work / life balance. When battling for top talent in a skills short labor market small changes in how your company culture is promoted externally can make a big difference in landing the top Estimator or Project Manager.

For example, a report by EY 74% of Gen Y workers want to be in an environment where managers and co-workers support work flexibility without any stigma. Lead by example and exhibit a healthy work / life balance yourself - try these 3 pointers to help increase team productivity and morale:

1. Be seen to take a lunch once a week.
This will help increase your own productivity as well as show the rest of the team that it is okay to have a break away from the site.

2. Take a leaf out of CEO Alistair Cox’ book and take a real break when on vacation.
This involves careful preparation and can mean some late nights or extra work in the run up, but you will reap the rewards. Switching off from work, will not only make you more refreshed and effective, but will also underline your confidence in your abilities and trust in the team.

3. Manage your day effectively so you, and the team, get out of the door on time.
Work “smart” to prioritize the pieces that make up the big picture and day-to-day tasks. Staying focused on work that will lead to long-term success and tangible results will drive more effective time management. In turn this will lead to a greater feeling of accomplishment and improved team moral, as deadlines are achieved and projects are completed.

As an employer, the pressure is always on and creating a healthy team culture that has a work / life balance might not always be top of mind or seemingly doable. However, being a leader in this will reduce the risk of employee burnout but also build a strong reputation externally - supporting your recruitment and retention efforts.

Competition for skilled construction talent is fierce so you need to use every tool in your tool belt to get ahead of your competition. PCL are a great example of a construction company succeeding in promoting their company culture and have recently been rated as one of the 100 Best Workplaces For Millennials in the US . They attribute their success to “an inclusive workplace environment” where employees feel valued and enjoy coming to work.

What are you doing to support a healthy team work-life balance?

Have you had difficulties in attracting the best talent?

To find out more about how employer reputation can impact hiring contact the recruiting expert in construction in your local market.

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