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Interviewing: it's more than just skills matching.

Posted by James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Monday, Aug 17, 2015

Interviews best fitAn interview process varies for each company, and even each site. However, no matter what your style, the point of the interview is to find out if the person is the right fit for the job and your business culture.

What are your interview best practices?

Consider these tactics when interviewing to make sure you’re getting the right information to help you make the best choice.

Have you considered team fit?
Getting the right person on board is especially important in candidate short markets such as construction in Houston or Dallas. But It’s not just about finding out if the candidate has the right skills. Some interviews go really well but then the new hire doesn’t work out - this is often due to a poor ‘fit’. A person’s fit is made up of traits like character, personality, skills and long-term goals and assessing these traits at the interview stage will help you determine if this is person is the right fit for the role, for the immediate and long-term.

Assessments can test your preconceptions.
More employers are utilizing personality tests to determine which candidate is the best match with existing teams. Specific software has been around for a while to help with psychometric testing and more recently for resume analysis, gamified behavioral profiling and social media activities. Adrian Basu, Director of Digital Development for Hays says that these tools can help “widen the funnel of potential candidates” by removing subjective bias and dispelling preconceptions. Testing can show that despite a lack of experience in one area, for example commercial construction, they are actually the best matched candidate in terms of problem solving, decision making and work ethic, or whatever the essential metrics are.

Using the past to envisage future behavior.
Behavioral interview questions are a great way to get candidate’s talking about actual examples of past scenarios. Did they react on impulse or display a methodical approach? Have they tackled problems independently or collaborated as a team. Understanding how they have responded to pressured situations or challenging personalities in the past will help determine how this person will fit into your current team.

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