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Can you keep productivity up during the summer?

Posted David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays, on Tuesday, Aug 11, 2015

IT summer productivity graphicIs everyone on your team taking days off this summer?

It falls to managers and business leaders to make sure the team and organization run smoothly during peak vacation months. Avoid project delays and deadline extensions from summer vacation with the right policies, strategic contract staff, and by planning ahead.

Create and maintain good vacation policies
A good vacation policy should ensure that employees give enough notice, are not overlapping with other members of their team, and understand their rights and obligations. These policies are important because they set the minimum standard that allows your business enough time and staff to continue operations. Make sure front line managers and team leads have a strong understanding of why the policies are in place, and know how to manage their teams to still meet their objectives.

Create individual plans for vacation cover
Vacation is vital for all employees so they can return refreshed, reducing the risks of stress leave and burn out. However, your company still needs to operate while everyone takes their much-deserved breaks. Create a standard template for employees and team leads to manage their time off. Have them list their top priorities, what tasks are most important, who is responsible for those tasks while they are away and what the employee needs to do to prepare their colleagues to keep the lights on while they're away.

Use flex staff to boost your workforce productivity
Flex workers are an amenable way to bring skilled and experienced workers into your company. From specialized IT workers leading projects, to data processing or help-desk support who can help cover the burden caused by those on vacation, contract staffing options are a cost-effective way to boost your workforce during the summer months. Furthermore, if you'll be looking to increase headcount in the Fall, flex to full time hiring offers a low risk opportunity to trial potential team members.

To support increased needs during the summer, our expert recruiters have been proactively sourcing IT professionals, who are ready to start assignments as short as one day and as long as a Maternity Leave.

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