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Navigating your career: how to get what you want from interviews.

Posted by James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Wednesday, Jun 10, 2015

Construction interviewsA job interview is an essential part in the making right choice, but not just for the hiring manager. The shortage of key skills in the New York construction market means you could be weighing up multiple job opportunities. Use these tips in interviews to make sure you get all the facts and make the right decision.

Whether your meeting is in a formal office environment or out on site, it’s important that you use this time to find out if this is the role, and company, to get you where you want to be in your career.

Will this job give you what you want?
Keep in mind your personal goals; is this the type of project you want to work on? Would you be using different construction tech? Does the total compensation package, not just the salary, match your expectations? Whether you’re confident in interviews or find them stressful, it’s easy to get caught up in promoting yourself and lose sight of whether this is actually the right job for you.

Ask the right questions.
Use the interview to ask probing questions to find out more the team and project. For example, how established are the teams you’ll be working with? What role could you play in 3, 5, 10+ years? What career path has the hiring manager taken to get where they are? This might be the only chance you have to get this level of detail. By fully understanding what’s on offer, you’ll be armed to make the right choice.

Ask yourself: could I work here and with this team?
Throughout the interview try and get a feel for the company culture. For example, do processes seem set in stone or are the management team open to new ideas? How does the company reward or recognize great performers? Understanding this will help you determine if this company is the best fit you, particularly important if you have multiple job offers on the table.

Have you researched the employer beforehand? By researching ahead of time, you will come across topics of interest which make great starting points for questions.

TOP TIP: If you can, be sure to speak with other employees at the company. How long have they been at the company? How has their role changed since they joined? Do they like working here? This will help you to get a more rounded view.

Do you feel adequately prepared for your next interview? Check out more top tips in our Career Advice section or contact an expert today.

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