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Are you using technology to attract the very best talent?

Posted by James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Friday, Jun 5, 2015

hays constrctuon ny newsletter imageConstruction companies employing emerging technologies in areas such as virtual construction, green building or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are set to win big when bidding for new projects, according to a recent ENR webinar. However, as the skills shortage increases in the New York market, companies that showcase their technology as part of their attraction efforts will also be the victors in the competition for top talent.

Targeting Gen Y workers
Gen Y workers who have been immersed in technology for most of their lives have come to expect access to innovative systems and devices in work. Furthermore, engineering graduates are now leaving school with a working knowledge of construction tech and want put this immediately into practice. To raise your employer brand with new grads and Gen Y workers, be sure to promote tools such as 3D printers, mobile devices and building information modeling (BIM) software throughout the hiring process. At career fairs or in campus presentations, try incorporating videos or stills to show how tech is used at each stage of the project lifecycle.

What technology do Gen Y workers in your company use?

Attracting experienced construction professionals
Using new technology is a great way to attract experienced construction professionals who want to grow to their skill set.

Show tech in action: try taking take candidates on a tour
For example, watching a drone fly over the site or seeing the 3D plans for the project is great way to get candidates excited about the company.

Highlight the tech training available
Whether it’s in-house training or an external program, learning and development can be the deciding factor for an ambitious person so talk them through the training offered.

Two-way mentorship can alleviate skill gaps.
Where possible, try partnering Gen Y workers with experienced staff to transfer tech knowledge and traditional skills.

Does your company have new tech implementation in the pipeline? Incorporate it into your strategy to attract new talent.

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