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Big Data and Gamification: Finding the perfect hire

Posted by David Brown, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Big DataDo you consider recruiting an art or a science? When it comes down to hiring the best talent should you base a decision on statistics or go with your gut?

In a recent article, highlighting technology used in recruiting, Lee Chant, Managing Director, Hays IT and Telecommunications says big data is useful in volume-based and low-level recruitment. “However,” he adds, “specialist skills also require a certain level of personal application and currently this data-crunching, through products such as Ceridian, just does not yield the same results.”

In Michael Lewis’s book Moneyball, a coach can pick the best baseball players by number-crunching their statistics. The example is now ubiquitous in business seminars and people analytics – the application of reductive analytics to careers.

A host of service providers are supporting this development:
•    Gilt helps rank web developers, based on their contributions to open source repository Github and activity on social media
•    Evolv gathers and analyzes data to help pick the best candidates
•    Gamification provider Knack says it can generate data on problem-solving and flexibility more effectively than a personality test can. Instead, it assesses leadership and innovation potential through game-like activities.

Apps like Knack’s Wasabi Waiter and Balloon Brigade might not seem like the cutting edge of behavioral science – and they are a long way from replacing a hiring process that is decades in the making. However, they are useful tools to add to the armory for businesses to win the hiring battle.

It’s important to look at the results of psychometric tests and see how they align with your personal judgment. However, the final decision still comes down to whether the hiring managers think the candidate is the ‘right fit’ for the job.

What testing is used in part of your hiring processes? How useful is it to you when selecting a candidate?

Have you experienced testing as part of your job search? Get in touch for tips on interviews preparation.

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