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Resigning: Be prepared for potential push-back.

Posted James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Counter Offers ConstructionWhen you give notice, your boss is likely to make an offer to tempt you to stay. Here are some practical tips for tackling these ‘counter offers’ to ensure you stay on your right path.

Employers want to keep good people, make sure your mind is made up.

Don’t let your emotions rule your head - if you’ve made your mind up to leave, thank them for the offer but re-affirm your decision to leave.

Will money fix all the problems?

If salary is your main motivator for leaving then calculate the total value of both offers including extras such as bonuses, retirement and share plans for the coming years. This is the figure you should be focused on.  

TOP TIP: Find out when the next salary increase would be in both companies as this could heavily influence your decision.

Ask yourself: “why did I consider a new role to begin with?”

If the goal is to get experience in a diverse range of developments, take a look at what industry sectors both companies are focusing on for upcoming key projects. What direction is the company planning to take and how does this align with your career aspirations?

TOP TIP: Compare the projects that have already been signed off on, not only discussed. 

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