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How can the US construction industry build a better workforce?

Posted by James Hawley, Executive Vice President, Veredus | Hays on Friday, Apr 17, 2015

Construction US blog iconHow can the US construction industry build a better workforce?

Construction employers are experiencing hiring difficulties and skill shortages, according to The Workforce Shortage Report by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC).

Raising salaries and offering better quality benefit packages are both helping some employers compete, but the industry must attract new workers and train existing teams to meet future needs.

The US construction industry is growing. Developments are being approved and new buildings opening, creating the need for construction project managers with experience in large-scale developments. Estimators with 5-10 years of experience with high-rise experience are in-demand, specifically in the New York area.

The latest stats from AGC’s national survey reveal that 83 percent of firms are showing issues in attracting skilled construction workers and 40 percent report an increase in their use of staffing firms. This is a trend seen across the United States. Employers are getting creative with attracting candidates, such as an increase in performance-related pay or bonuses. If this proves successful in attracting and retaining top talent this trend will likely spread to other areas.

According to the AGC, companies in Texas are targeting military retirees and those enrolled in early education systems to convince them to make a career change into construction.

To create a long term talent pipeline, companies nationwide must partner with colleges and universities to promote construction and property as a high-potential career choice.

Have you experienced difficulty in finding the right skills for your projects?

What changes has your company implemented to attract top talent?

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